Embroidery is such a relaxing craft! A perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Just to make this an EXTRA relaxing project, it's designed around lavender, because we just LOVE the healing properties of this fabulous herb!

You've probably heard of the saying; 'a stitch in time saves nine'? The meaning behind these words is that it is better to deal with an issue presently to prevent it getting worse. We believe in the importance of taking time to relax and heal from the stresses which can so easily weigh us down and, if we aren't careful, cause us future pain and ill health. Stitches in Time is our tiny salute to this wise old saying.

Our Stitches in Time project contains; organza & aida cloth, embroidery floss, pins & needles, ribbon trim and jute, a 5” embroidery hoop, cotton sewing thread and a pot of lavender. Please note that colours and styles of some materials may vary from those shown in our guides and in our social media imagery.

stitches in time - one off project

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